Cramlington Neighbourhood Plan

  ​9. Extending Choice in the Housing Market
​10. Extending the Provision of Social, Recreational,           Educational and Cultural Facilities
11. Reinforcing Cramlington’s Sub-regional                       Employment Role

Vision and Objectives

After a period of consultation with local stakeholders the following has been endorsed by the neighbourhood plan steering group:

The Vision 

"Cramlington will continue to grow, becoming a successful sustainable community. It will strive to become the main town in the county and one of its principal gateways.

Cramlington will be transformed into Northumberland’s Garden Town thereby creating a distinct identity for its residential and business communities and visitors".

Plan Objectives

1. Investing in our Infrastructure

​2. Protecting our Public Spaces

​3. Enhancing our Open Spaces

​4. Improving our Environment

​5. Promoting Sustainable Modes of Transport

​6. Integrating Sustainable Transport Modes

​7. Improving our Town Centre

​8. Completing our Town